About us

Happiness comes from something you choose to do. 

People are constantly chasing happiness and many times they find it, but only temporarily. We believe that long lasting happiness starts when first of all you feel satisfied with yourself and the second is when you do something that is useful to someone else. We believe happiness is created by influencing and making a difference for someone else’s life. We want to create proof of our existence by having a positive impact in someone else’s life.


The logo

The logo was drawn by our foster-brother. Our parents have always teached us to helping people who is in need.

What do we do?

We give underprivileged kids and youths an easier everyday life, happy moments and encourages them to fulfill their dreams and make them understand that their life matters. 

Orphanage, schools and other helping organisations have the mission to focus on care, social work and education. We provide the organizations with the supplies they need to help them fulfill their mission.

When you buy a product from Project LYCKA, the profits go in full to the organization we carry out the project with at that time. And most important, the product you just bought will always remind you of the donation and give you thoughts about how you can create your happiness.

Why do we do it?

Project LYCKA started in 2019 by the founders of the brand Be A Million. But its been a dream many years. 

”I have always been passionate about helping underprivileged people. I myself have tried to seek happiness and meaning with my life. What is the purpose of my existence in this world? Is it to chase happiness or create it myself and make my time on earth useful and meaningful to my fellow human beings? I know that this is what I want to do. This project gives me happiness and I don´t want to waste a minute of my happiness. I want to show all the people I meet that they too can create happiness and find meaning with their lives.” – Belinda

”Everyone deserves to be happy. The feeling of happiness is something I live for. So what makes you happy? I choose happiness in all things
I do. The happiness chose me when I make other people happy!  I do this project to share happiness with all kids and youths.” – Isabella 



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